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Technical Brief: The Audio Processing Unit (APU)
Learn about the features of the nForce2 integrated APU and optional SoundStorm in the following technical brief (2.49MB PDF).

 NVIDIA SoundStorm

For the most powerful integrated audio solution available today, look for NVIDIA nForce(TM) and NVIDIA nForce2 systems featuring NVIDIA SoundStorm™ audio. PCs with the NVIDIA SoundStorm solution offer the most complete set of digital audio features for your desktop, delivering stunning audio and fantastic sound effects, all powered by the NVIDIA nForce APU.

NVIDIA SoundStorm offers a plethora of input and output connections, including digital S/PDIF for access to the Dolby® Digital 5.1 real-time encoder, microphone, CD, TV, line-in, headphones, front left and right speakers, rear left and right speakers, center channel, and subwoofer.

Compared to other integrated sound solutions and add-in sound cards, this APU’s high-level of performance and advanced feature set clearly place it in a class all by itself.

The following table provides a rundown of major features of both the NVIDIA APU and NVIDIA SoundStorm:


NVIDIA nForce/nForce2 APU NVIDIA SoundStorm
DSP or HW-Accelerated 2D (Stereo) Voices 256 Voices 256 Voices
DSP or HW-Accelerated 3D Voices 64 3D Voices 64 3D Voices
DX8 HW-Submixer 32 HW-Submixers 32 HW-Submixers
DLS2 Acceleration
Per Voice Parametric EQ
Occlusion and Obstruction
Near Field Effects
EAX2 and I3DL2 Reverb
Global Effects (Reverb, Chorus, etc.)
Speakers 2 Speakers 2, 4, or 6 Speakers
Microphone/Line Inputs
SPDIF Interface No
Software and Utilities Basic Enhanced
H/W Dolby Digital Encode No

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