3D Vision

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  • Editors' Choice Award 2011

  • LARA Business Award 2010

  • Engadget Reader's Choice Award 2009

  • CNET Best of CES Finalist – Gaming Category

  • Best Products of CES 2009

  • PCMag.com - 4 Star Rating

  • Bjorn3D Golden Bear Award

  • Motherboards.org Editors Choice

  • Legit Reviews Editors Choice

  • IGN Best Peripheral of 2009

  • Benchmark Reviews 2009 Editors Choice Award

  • Century Award 2010





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 Popular Science
“If you're a hardcore PC gamer who's hands are superglued to the keyboard and mouse, then 3-D Vision is an investment that will improve your day-to-day life by a factor of 1,000.”


Legit Reviews
“You have to see it to fully understand how great gaming in 3D is, but I can honestly say that it is the best thing to happen in gaming in years. Hard to believe that PhysX technology came out three years ago and that not much has really happened since then. If you want a game changer this could be what you have been waiting for.”


PC Magazine
“There hasn't been much in way of truly mind-blowing innovations, until now. The new NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision ($199 list) takes PC graphics in a whole new direction and creates a 3D graphics environment previously only seen in movie theaters. NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Vision is a little icing on the cake for anyone with a serious gaming computer. If you are a hardcore gamer and will use them regularly, these 3D glasses are a good investment and a fun treat.”


“Left 4 Dead played wonderfully in 3D. It is difficult to describe how much better the game looks without screenshots, but the extra depth gave an added sense of realism while we moved through the game, peering into subway trains and stumbling through forest environments. The first reactions from all of the GameSpot staffers that tried the system was generally something along the lines of, ‘Whoa, this is cool!’ followed shortly by ‘How much does this cost?’ We even caught one of our graphic designers pawing at the screen during his gameplay session.”


“The NVIDIA 3D Vision system is the most revolutionary gaming equipment we've ever seen. Once you've tried it you'll have to have it. Once you have it you'll never give it up. Wives, Girlfriends, and family members will miss you.”


Benchmark Reviews
“I highly recommend the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision for gamers who play for fun and entertainment, and anyone else wanting to revisit old game titles with a new experience. The GeForce 3D Vision is the product I've been waiting on ever since costly virtual-reality headsets made their appearance many years back.”


PC World
“The new $199 NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Glasses Kit might succeed where many others have failed in the ongoing effort to bring 3D gaming into the PC mainstream. Though you'll need a fancy new 120 Hz monitor, HDTV or projector, the goggles already support a large number of games and work with any 8800 GT graphics card or better.”


Hot Hardware
“NVIDIA's solution is about as good as they come. Getting 40 hours of use between charges is great, and the on-the-fly 3D depth adjustment makes getting acclimated to the effect relatively easy on the eyes. The fact that 3D just works with hundreds of games right out of the box is the icing on the cake.”


PC Perspective
“So, it should be clear to you by now that not only am I thoroughly impressed with NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Vision technology but that pretty much all of the people I showed it to were as well. The NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision technology comes at a time when the PC gaming world needs a lift the most and I think any enthusiast (even those that are fans of AMD) can appreciate the chance to show off to their console-loving friends a feature that can’t be matched by one.”


“The results of NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Vision are impressive. The visual effect is more than simply cheap Hollywood-style 3D flash. In Left 4 Dead, we had the sense of a much more immersive depth of field than you get from standard 3D games on a 2D display.”


“NVIDIA really does have a fireball of a product in 3D Vision, and I feel it will only grow and grow as NVIDIA has the recourses to make others jump on the bandwagon and design games with this entire concept in mind from the start, and making it a more viable product to the end user. It's an Editor's Choice product as when I asked most people how they would rate this new technology on a 1 through 10 scale, they said 11. Good job NVIDIA, this will help breathe serious new life in the gaming industry and help promote the further development of 3D technology.”


“One beauty of the NVIDIA system is that it can create 3D images from any software that was produced using depth information. Most existing games were created with some level of depth, so they become 3D without any modification.”


Overclockers Club
“The NVIDIA Geforce 3D Vision system is far ahead of the old 3D technology that we all grew to know and some to love. It offers a new level of immersion to keep you interested while adding that next dimension to your gaming experience. Easy installation, easy configuration and some wicked 3D gameplay add up to a positive gaming experience with the NVIDIA Geforce 3D Vision. I can't wait to have 6 degrees of freedom added into this concept.”


Tom’s Hardware
“NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Vision kit addresses a number of the issues that plagued active stereoscopic solutions a decade ago. Setup, to begin with, is much less complex. You install the software, connect the hardware, and it’s on, with only one setting—depth—to tweak. Finally, the fact that you can get 40 hours of wireless connectivity per charge makes the glasses far less cumbersome than the active solutions of old.”


“It works really well and looks simply amazing. It's simple to adjust to a degree that is comfortable and doesn't cause huge amounts of eye strain. When it's done right (especially with out of screen effects) it fundamentally changes the experience in a very positive way.”


MTV Gaming Blog
“My very first lunchtime video has me trying NVIDIA’s new GeForce 3D Vision glasses which are used to bring your favorite games into three dimensions.


“3D Vision does work. That is as simply as we can put it. Not only does it work, but it actually works very well for the most recent and relevant games, proving perfectly compatible with all the common engines (and their mods, by extension).”


Avatar the movie hurled 3D into the public consciousness, but the true impact of 3D is being felt in gaming, where you¿re not just watching a stereoscopic world, you're totally immersed in it. Watching Avatar at the cinema was cool, but putting on the NVIDIA 3D glasses and firing up our ASUS 3D monitor to play Need for Speed: Shift in 3D was mind-blowing. It was the ¿wow¿ moment, the kind you get when a new, disruptive technology shows up to suddenly change the way things are done.