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 Awards and Reviews


Taipei Computer Association awards NVIDIA ION "Best Choice of Overseas Enterprise"
“The revolutionary NVIDIA ION graphics processor introduces new capabilities to low-power PCs, including HD video, gaming, and video editing,” ...We selected ION from more than 400 entries because it is an outstanding technological achievement that will have a very positive impact on the industry.”

TechGage Best of CES graphic

Techgage awards the NVIDIA ION “Best of CES 2009”
…” Literally not much larger than a standard business card, the Ion platform uses the low-wattage Intel Atom processor and couples it with their own low-power GeForce 9400M. With a working model on hand, NVIDIA went to great lengths to show just how versatile the platform can be… NVIDIA was still able to cram all these features into a package literally less-than-double the size of the mouse being used to interact with the minuscule machine.”

LAPTOP Magazine awards the NVIDIA ION “Best Enabling Technology” at CES 2009
“Nvidia’s Ion platform, which combines its GeForce 9400 GPU with the Intel Atom CPU, enables the smallest laptops to play full 1080p high definition video, run all of Windows Vista features and even run Call of Duty 4 at a decent frame rate. Nvidia also claims it delivers ten times the current graphics performance of Atom's current chipset and can perform as well as a Intel Centrino 2 platform.”


"Customers have told us they expect a full Windows experience across a variety of PC designs. What many people call a netbook today is really a small notebook, and users expect it to perform like one. With NVIDIA's ION platform combined with Windows Vista Home Premium, consumers can get an affordable, premium Windows experience in a small notebook or desktop form factor. From browsing the web and checking email to streaming music or watching movies, it's an excellent solution for everyday computing."

Mike Ybarra
General Manager, Microsoft Windows


LAPTOP Magazine
"Nvidia's integrated GeForce 9400M graphics solution, available on such systems as the new Apple MacBook and Dell Studio XPS 13, offers the best of both worlds: great visuals and long battery life...Nvidia's groundbreaking Geforce 9400M graphics chipset proves that integrated graphics can handle the latest 3D games."

PC World blog
“Five Reasons Nvidia ION Will Supercharge Netbooks
1. A Really Affordable Ultraportable. 300 bucks will soon buy you decent performance at a low, low price. Now stating a starting price, nVidia spokespeople claim Ion-based mini-notebooks and compact desktop PCs will hit store shelves this summer.
4. Death to Integrated Graphics. Not exactly a shocker, but Intel's 945G -- the pathetic integrated GPU -- has about as much backbone as a jellyfish. It isn't much help in decoding HD video and can't handle DirectX 10 at all. Enter the 9400M. ”

“NVIDIA’s "ION" platform, a solution composed of ATOM+GeForce 9400M, eliminates the five problems created by ATOM+945GC. It supports not only 10X graphics and video transcoding performance scaling, but also full HD video, premium Windows vista, and Windows 7.
GeForce 9400M GPU+ATOM CPU makes the world's smallest visual computing PC a reality. Comparing with Intel Atom platform, NVIDIA ION is the winner.”

“The new miracle in microcomputers - A detailed review of ION platform
If the first glimpse of ION platform prototype had surprised us, then we would say that the performance delivered by ION in the review was incredible indeed – massive gaming power by GeForce 9400M GPU, lifelike gaming experience by PhysX, full hardware-decoding HD movie playback by PureVideo HD technology, awesome extended application by CUDA… These incredible performance and capabilities really shocked us. ”

O Estado de São Paulo – Daily Newspaper – Brazil
“ION performance is outstanding. (...) For a low-energy consumption netbook solution, the ION showed more performance than the vast majority of notebooks available in the country today.”

Fórum PCs – Website – Brazil
“One of the major features of the ION platform is ENERGY CONSUMPTION. (…) I concluded that ION uses between 18-29 Watts. This is absolutely amazing, considering the experience it provides. With 2GB RAM, Windows Vista, GPU, and a good HD, the user experience with this platform is equal, if not better, than the experience of most desktop PCs available today.”
“NVIDIA ION Platform to Run Vista/Win 7?  Absolutely No Problem!
ION-based PCs eliminate the compromises that today’s netbooks and nettops can only run Windows XP operation system. According to NVIDIA, Microsoft has validated the NVIDIA ION platform for Windows Vista Home Premium.”

EETimes Taiwan
“Microsoft has certified ION platform, ensuring the future shipment with ION platform based PC would have not problem with running 1080p HD movie and blu-ray playback.  Additionally, ION provided fantastic game play experience, supporting Microsoft DirectX 10 API, Aero Glass and Flip 3D…all the optimzed Windows Vista function, it further accellerate GPU, brining faster phto editing and video transcoding function.  ION platform based PC can volume ship anytime.”

Tech On!
"The processing speed has been increased by 10 times. It will cover the weak point of slow processing that everybody feels when the machine is handling heavy data, when using Netbook."

PC Watch
"ION platform won by an overwhelming margin. It performed 10 times much better. The number of people who think that low cost CPU + high capable GPU configuration is the right combination will be increased more and more. "
“ION has opened up new possibilities for the Atom platform, whose weakness was multimedia source due to lacking CPU performance and integrated graphics core. ”
“NVIDIA has a winner with the Ion platform. The surcharge on the solution with Intel GMA 945 is worth its money. Now we are eagerly awaiting the first real products with Ion. ”

PC Net
“All netbooks on the market do NOT allow you to play games, watch HD movies on netbook platform. At this point NVIDIA comes to rescue us with powerful graphics logic.
ION is a dream come true…”

PC Tuning
“Thanks to ION we can get a completely new set of features which are pushing this platform into the notebook space as a fully featured home PC.
... I’m very enthusiastic about this platform and I think we are in the beginning of a huge boom of ION based PCs. ”
“NVIDIA ION and Windows is a wonderful and promising match …”

Pocket Lint (UK)
“The boast is that with NVIDIA ION and "premium" versions of Microsoft Windows, small form factor notebook and desktop PCs will get "rich" media capabilities and full graphics support for the first time! ”

LAPTOP Magazine
“Today Nvidia announced that its Ion platform, which merges Intel’s Atom CPU with its 9400M graphics chipset, has been certified by Microsoft.
Unlike Intel’s current Atom platform, Ion will support Microsoft’s DirectX 10 API and premium Windows Vista features including Aero Glass and Flip3D. ”

“[In-Stat analyst] Ian Lao said that Ion delivers better performance than competing designs using Intel's integrated graphics chips, and at a similar price.
Longer term, Ion will challenge Intel's attempts to define the segments of the PC market to maximize its own CPU profits, said Lao. For instance, PC makers will be able to build full-size "value" laptops with 15-in. LCDs that run Vista for less than $400, the current price barrier, using Ion and dual-core Atom CPUs. ”

Ars Technica
“ [NVIDIA] tucked another feather behind its cap with the announcement that Ion is now certified for Windows Vista. When Ion launches, it'll have WHQL-certified driver support, as well as targeted price points as low as $299. 
An NVIDIA-powered nettop with full 1080p playback could serve as an effective HD content storage server—something systems based on the 945GSE Intel chipset cannot do. ”

Toms Hardware
“Ion desktops should also be a hit with movie buffs. A HD-friendly, small form factor Ion desktop (think Mac Mini in terms of size), combined with a large hard drive or a NAS should make for some enjoyable home theater. ”

“NVIDIA's Ion platform is able to provide the same small form factor as most netbooks or nettops on the market, but enabling a performance level that can't be achieved by a full Intel-based solution. The Ion, released late last year, combines Intel's highly successful Atom processor with a GeForce 9400M GPU, to deliver a rich media experience inside a computer device that can fit a user's pockets.”

LAPTOP magazine “Nvidia’s coupling of Intel’s Atom CPU with its own GeForce 9400 graphics processor provides a major performance boost to low-cost PCs…Ion blows away Intel’s integrated chipset and graphics.”

PC World “Yes, you can play games--and 1080p video--on a desktop the size of your palm.”

The Tech Report “..the Ion platform is far and away the most competent gaming solution available for the Atom processor.”

Anandtech “It doesn’t take a visionary to see why Ion would be great… I’d rather have an Atom CPU paired with the GeForce 9400M than Intel’s 945G. It just makes sense. Ion addresses one of Atom’s primary deficiencies - poor graphics performance. “

PC Perspective “Any company not at least seriously considering adopting an ION platform design has no desire to be on the forefront of PC technology…The ION platform, essentially the 9400M chipset coupled with an Intel Atom processor, easily becomes the best super-small-form-factor solution for netbooks, mini-PCs and even modest HTPCs.”

Hot Hardware “We've come away decisively impressed based on our experience with the NVIDIA Ion reference platform… In fact, for the HTPC crowd, there's little question NVIDIA's Ion PC represents a breakout product… the long and short of Ion, for us is, we want one - preferably sooner than later. Would we give it and Editors Choice if this was a retail SKU from one of the major OEMs? You betcha.”