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Technical Brief: Digital Vibrance Control
Today, people spend more time than ever in front of a computer display, and as a result, platforms must deliver the highest-quality visual experience while minimizing eyestrain.

NVIDIA Software

 Digital Vibrance Control (DVC)

I Can See Clearly Now, DVC Has Come

At home, at work, and on the road, our daily computer usage is increasing, and clean visuals are critical for a satisfying, comfortable viewing experience. Now with Digital Vibrance Control™ (DVC), the power of stunning visuals is in your hands. DVC is a patent pending innovation for controlling color

In the pictures above, the right sides are enhanced with DVC, contrasting sharply with the untouched left sides.
separation and intensity and is bundled with the ForceWare software for desktop, workstation, platform, and mobile solutions. With a simple control panel, you select and control the color settings of your display's entire visual output.

And the result? Richer colors and brighter, cleaner, more ergonomically pleasing images in all your applications.

Computing environments are as diverse as the people using them: from bright light to low light, from cramped quarters to open rooms. DVC can actually compensate for sub-optimal lighting, reducing the chance of serious physical injury from eyestrain. You improve all forms of visual output—digital flat panels, LCD projectors, monitors, and TVs—to standards specific to your situation. Today, people spend considerable time on their computers reading email, surfing the Web, watching DVDs, or simply working. Whether you're creating your own graphics, scanning personal photos,

or enjoying images on the Web, DVC brings an amazing, enlivening visual clarity. Dry presentations receive a dramatic boost with more visual intensity. Gaming ascends to an even higher level with visually engrossing worlds and characters. Transforming any application into a dynamic experience is simple with Digital Vibrance Control.

This feature is currently unavailable on Mac systems.

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