What the leading ISVs are saying about NVIDIA Quadro FX

The industry's leading applications across MCAD, DCC, and Film/Video leverage the performance, precision, programmability and quality of the NVIDIA Quadro FX workstation graphics family.

Adobe"Professionals using Adobe software can now take full advantage of breakthrough computer graphics hardware to drive stunning 3D animations. The NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 drives great new features in the Adobe Video Collection like Premiere Pro’s GPU Effects and After Effect’s real-time, high-quality 3D compositing."

David Trescot
Senior director of digital video products at Adobe


Adobe Premiere Pro
Alias"With the performance that we’ve seen, Alias is very excited about the radically new graphics architecture within the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000. With the introduction of many exciting new technologies, we anticipate professionals using Maya will be able to take digital artwork created for movies and games to significantly higher levels of realism."

Rob Hoffmann
Senior Maya product marketing manager, Alias


Chubb Chubbs
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Imageworks Inc.
Brainstorm"On the set of I,Robot, we used Quadro FX for real-time on-set 3D rendering on various stages and locations throughout Vancouver BC, from architectural environments of the future to animating a robot demolishing a building on top of Will Smith. With the introduction of the Quadro FX 4000 SDI, we enter a new era of real-time 3D graphics. For our Broadcast & Feature Film clients, this represents the highest level of performance and features previously unavailable on any platform, period"

Paul Lacombe
Encodacam & Brainstorm America


Image courtesy of Brainstorm
Dassault Systemes"Designers need their work to be as realistic as possible as early in the design stage as possible. CATIA® V5 accelerated by NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics allows designers to create and interact with complex 3D models with ultra-realistic material aspects in real time. New NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 capabilities like extended programmability, infinite program lengths, and 32-bit shader precision promise to further increase CATIA user productivity and design quality."

Jean-Luc Cuinier
R&D manager at Dassault Systèmes


Dassault Systemes
Discreet "Discreet is extremely excited by the power of the NVIDIA Quadro® FX 4000 SDI. By integrating this card into our lustre grading system and taking advantage of the powerful programmable GPU architecture, we will empower our customers to speed up the process resizing content for mastering of high value film and television deliverables. Nvidia has provided a 10 bit bridge between graphics and HD/SD video on the FX 4000 SDI, this will allow users to not only correctly visualize digital film on a broadcast monitor utilizing a programmable 3D LUT, but they will also be able to take advantage of the GPU power to resize images in real time between film and television resolutions. lustre is used by our customers every day to deliver both film and video projects, this card will speed up the process of mastering the hybrid deliverables that cross over between these two media types, such as providing DVD masters from film files and film blow ups from HD content"

Bill Roberts
Director of Product Management
Discreet, a division of Autodesk


Image courtesy of Discreet
NVIDIA Gelato"We do a lot of high-poly film work at Frantic, and dealing with all the geometry in the viewports has always been a bit tedious. We went through almost every manufacturer in the book for video boards, and finally got our hands on a couple of Quadro FX 4000's to test.

Night and day difference.

In fact, so night and day, I was looking for an excuse to load more geometry into the scene just to see how long it would take to slow the card down. The interactivity is so good, I forget that I'm playing with tens of millions of polys in the viewports. I'd highly advise anyone in the 3D arena to look in to these cards"

Chris Pember
Lighting and Rendering Lead, Frantic Films


Image courtesy of Frantic Films
LightWork Design"LightWork Design has worked closely with NVIDIA on the development of LightWorks Real-time - the only packaged solution that makes bringing real-time procedural shading into user applications a snap. The new radical graphics architecture of the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 GPU gives us a real boost - this is the first graphics board on the market that is powerful enough to support the whole range of our procedural shading effects due to its support for complete 32-bit floating point compute precision and a floating point frame buffer. It really flies!"

Woll Newall
Founder and LightWorks Product Manager


LightWork Design
Image courtesy of
LightWork Design.
Mental Images"The NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 combines complete floating point performance, extended programmability, and high-precision dynamic range technology allowing mental ray® customers, for the first time, to leverage the GPU for dramatically accelerated photorealistic rendering of complex visual effects. To take full advantage of key new features of the just-released version 3.3 of mental ray, we recommend the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 as the graphics platform of choice."

Rolf Herken
CEO and CTO, Mental Images

Read how mental images is taking graphics to the next level
Read how mental images is taking graphics to the next level
Realtime Technology Logo"Realism, speed and interaction are key to Computer Aided Styling (CAS) experts in the automotive and aircraft industry. The Quadro FX4000 enables RTT to provide the next level in visual quality and programmability. SM 3.0 lays the ground for a new level of interactive material design. It is the platform of choice for leading-edge realtime graphics with RTT software."

Ludwig A. Fuchs
Realtime Technology AG


realtime technology
Image courtesy of realtime technology.
RTSoftware"NVIDIA is our long standing GPU partner for several very good reasons. NVIDIA Quadro FX cards are extremely stable broadcast quality products and the power of the cards enables RTSW to incorporate advanced features into its real-time rendering system. This is already demonstrated in effects such as reflections and refractions in our models, effects that bolster quality and differentiate our graphics from competitors. The increased memory on the new boards will extend this further and be a significant contributing factor in dealing with the computational demands of real time graphic in HD."

Steve Hart
Technical Director of RTSW


Image courtesy of RTSW.
SolidWorks"The new rotated-grid antialiasing of the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 makes NVIDIA’s product line quality a lot more realistic, even for the most demanding designer’s eye. NVIDIA is once again helping SolidWorks deliver industry-leading quality to engineers and designers without compromising performance."

Antony Hervo
Hardware Partner Manager at SolidWorks Corporation.


Jigsaw image courtesy Solidworks.
SolidWorks "Based on our testing, we believe Quadro FX 4000 is the fastest AGP-based graphics board on the market. Our customers need the speed and PC-based accessibility this solution provides. We’re thrilled to provide it to them. We’ve succeeded in reducing the cost and increasing the speed involved with creating real-time 3D graphic elements in HD for live productions. The increased rendering power allows our customers to create more complex graphics with advanced pixel shading technology."

Christian Huber
Head of Operations Austria, Vizrt


Image courtesy of VizRT