Features & Benefits


Second Generation Transform and Lighting (T&L)
Two separate engines on the GPU that provide for a powerful, balanced PC platform and enable extremely high polygon count scenes. Transform performance determines how complex objects can be and how many can appear in a scene without sacrificing frame rate. Lighting techniques add to a scene's realism by changing the appearance of objects based on light sources.

NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR)
Brings natural material properties (smoke, clouds, water, cloth, plastic, etc) to life via advanced per-pixel shading capabilities in a single pass.

TwinView Dual-Display Architecture
NVIDIA’s multiple display technology. TwinView boosts productivity by enabling the user to have two simultaneous displays without a second graphics board. NVIDIA GPUs are enabled to support multi-displays, but graphics cards vary. Please varify multi-display support in the graphics card before purchasing.

Digital Vibrance Control (DVC)
Allows the user to adjust color controls digitally to compensate for the lighting conditions of their workspace, in order to achieve accurate, bright colors in all conditions. Currently this feature is not available on Mac systems.

 32-bit Color
Satisfies professional users' demands for color precision and high quality, vibrant display output.

 32-bit Z/Stencil Buffer
Delivers the high precision demanded by professional users for rendering complex objects and highly detailed 3D environments without Z-precision artifacts.

 32MB Unified Frame Buffer
Provides ample room for the high-resolution, 32bpp textures favored by professional users even in high-resolution, double-buffered display modes.

 AGP 4X with Fast Writes
Enables the CPU to send data directly to the GPU to maximize overall system performance. Avoids a costly data copy to and from valuable main memory bandwidth that graphics processors without Fast Writes must incur.

 Microsoft® DirectX® and OpenGL® Performance Optimizations and Support
Assures the best performance and guarantees compatibility with the broadest possible range of applications from high-end professional applications to consumer applications and games. A key element of the Develop and Deploy advantage offered by NVIDIA Quadro DCC and Quadro2 products.